Professional Services

Phoenix Aerospace’s Value Creation Process

Our value creation process has been proven under numerous challenging scenarios…from the rapid introduction of new product and services to augmenting existing execution to the creation of totally new markets.

Step 1: Strategic Business Development & Planning
Audits of client’s business development/marketing/sales processes and executes from an integrated but independent perspective.

Step 2: Product Marketing & Market Validation
We refine the product or service offering, develop complete marketing “package” including value analysis tools followed by rapid execution of market validation.
Step 3: Sales Execution, Integration and Training
The completed & validated launch package enters the client’s existing or new sales & distribution channels.

A sample of our services:

Strategic Business Development
We provide a broad range and depth of aerospace domain knowledge and a practical business understanding that helps our clients find a clear path to success whether searching for growth via organic or inorganic means.
Product Development Planning & Positioning
We excel in this challenging area of aerospace by providing a balanced approach that includes extensive product development expertise to augment product & services planning and positioning. We translate knowledge into client revenue.
Product Marketing & Market Validation
We refine the product/service offering, develop complete marketing “package” followed by rapid execution of market validation. Our particular specialty is taking ideas from vision to revenue while establishing the concept in the customer’s mainstream operations.

Communications Planning & Promotion
How well do you communicate to your customers about your products and services? We develop targeted creative approaches that promote your business through a variety of media.
Sales Execution, Integration and Training
A particular specialty, all our Team Members have participated in numerous launches with special focus on aerospace products and services.
Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances
Our years of experience in aerospace positions us to provide strategic value-added insights that might otherwise be overlooked in normal M & A activities. We provide the edge!

Competitive Intelligence Development
Knowledge drives the successful business and we provide unique insights that are only possible through the unrestricted view of an independent professional. We provide all aspects of competitive intelligence from specific situations to providing complete creation and operation of competitive intelligence units (CIU).