Lee Vetsch, Director of Technology & Product Managment

LeeLee Vetsch is a Phoenix Aerospace Lead Associate based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.  Lee has extensive aerospace systems engineering, strategic marketing and product life cycle management experience resulting from a very successful 40+ year career.

Lee was the product line & strategic marketing manager for a major global aerospace corporation where he was responsible for oversight of the cradle to grave life cycle performance of a large portfolio (>$100M) of commercial and military aerospace products, including:

  • Product Strategic Planning – Growth, Product Cost/Value Assessment, Mergers, Acquisition
  • Performance – Costs (recurring & non-recurring), Margins, Gross & Net Revenues
  • Product Life Cycle – Innovate, Invest, Grow, Iterate, Harvest, Obsolescence Management, Sunset

During his earlier years as an aerospace product development engineer he was chief engineer for a small start-up in the Seattle area, where he worked extensively on new product development, customer/product marketing, and product value assessment. Lee is holder or co-holder of over ten US patents for aircraft sensors and/or aircraft sensor systems innovations. Lee also served on various industry forums and committees including the SAE A-4 Committee.