Thales Aerospace

Phoenix Aerospace performed an end-to-end (data-in/data-out) aircraft information management system from a services perspective.  Included full characterization of this highly fragmented market niche and its strategic direction.

The objective was whether to enter and invest in this fragmented but potentially lucrative service sector utilizing Thales’ broad core strengths in Air Traffic Management, Avionics and In-Flight Entertainment hardware and software..  Targeted areas were Flight Data Management (FDM) and Analysis, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), FMS data bases and wireless (WiMax) delivery.

Company Profile:
Thales is a world-leading provider of onboard and ground systems for the civil aerospace market. The company’s Aerospace activities employ 13,000 people, who are helping to define tomorrow’s air transport solutions: cleaner, quieter and more efficient aircraft designed to fly safely in ever-more crowded skies.

Thales provides systems and functions for all types of aircraft – commercial airliners, regional, business aircraft, and helicopters – and is a first-tier partner of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Gulfstream and Sukhoi, on all of their major programmes.

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