Accord Technology LLC

Accord Technologies LLC
NexNav GPS strategic planning, market validation and sales execution.


Company Profile:
Accord Technology delivers affordable, technically advanced GPS/ GPS WAAS receiver/ sensor solutions by leveraging proven Global Navigation Satellite Systems knowledge and experience employed in the development of the industry’s first GPS WAAS sensor to be authorized US FAA TSO-C145c. The Accord Technology NexNavTM GPS WAAS multiple-solutions product line revolves around two key receivers, NexNav miniTM (TSO-C145c WAAS Class Beta-1 ONLY) and NexNav MAXTM (TSO-C145c WAAS Class Beta -1, -2, -3). The receivers are at the heart of embedded customer solutions as a Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) or embedded in our own Line Replacement Units (LRU) as a stand-alone GPS WAAS solutions meeting non-ARINC and ARINC standards. All NexNav GPS WAAS receivers are compatible with other Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) solutions such as European EGNOS, Japanese MSAS and Indian GAGAN and include standard NEMA interfaces. An alternative interface allows expanded and enhanced capability for close coupling with inertial systems.

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