GCE Aviation

In 2005 the GCE Group acquired an aviation product line as a part of a larger medical acquisition.  However it had no aviation experience and engaged with Phoenix Aerospace to develop the product portfolio and market.  In 2011 they divested the aviation product line to B/E Aerospace Systems GmbH.

Company Profile:
Gas Control Equipment (GCE) is Europe’s leading company in the field of gas-control equipment. In addition to its headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, and main production site in Chotěboř, Czech Republic, the company operates thirteen international sales companies around the world.  GCE has four business areas – Cutting and Welding, Process Applications, Medical and High-Purity – and employs more than 870 people.
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Featured Projects From GCE:
GCE Aviation Project Profile

L-3 Communications

We specialized in taking existing military technology and transitioning into a product that could be marketed to the commercial aviation sector. Executed multiple growth-oriented strategic development projects with several divisions within the Electronic Systems Group. Performed our entire portfolio of services including strategic business development and planning, product marketing and market validation. Created a world-class partnership to develop, test, demonstrate and validate a totally new multi-billion dollar market requirement. In addition many of the projects included systems engineering support and project management.

Company Profile:

L-3 is a prime contractor in Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR) systems, aircraft modernization and maintenance, and national security solutions. L-3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of electronic systems used on military and commercial platforms. Our customers include the U.S. Department of Defense and its prime contractors, U.S. Government intelligence agencies, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Justice, allied foreign governments, domestic and foreign commercial customers and select other U.S. federal, state and local government agencies.

Electronic Systems Group provides a broad range of products across several business areas that includes marine and power systems, microwave and SATCOM products, displays, aviation products, training and simulation, electro-optical/infrared products and systems, warrior systems, precision engagement, security and detection systems, applied technology, telemetry and RF products, power and propulsion systems, and undersea warfare and ocean sciences products.
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Featured Projects From L-3 Communications:
GreenTaxi – On-board “Engine Off” Taxi System

GreenTaxi Project

GreenTaxi Banner

GreenTaxi™ is an L-3 strategic business development project involving technology transfer from military to commercial applications.

GreenTaxi™ is an electric or “engine off” taxi system developed by L-3 Communications for single aisle aircraft.  Phoenix Aerospace developed the strategic business plan, conducted market validation, product marketing (complete development of the package), development of complex Economic Analysis Models and simulations, assessments of operational barriers to entry and finding strategic partners to create a marketable product.  We formed a world-class team of L-3, Lufthansa Technik, Airbus, and FRAPORT to develop, test, demonstrate and validate this untapped multi-billion dollar market requirement.  We also provided Systems Engineering and Project Management expertise and the system was successfully tested and implemented on a Lufthansa Airbus A320 in December 2011.

GreenTaxi™ utilizes APU energy to drive powerful permanent magnet high-torque motors in the main landing gear wheels to allow pilots to perform gate and taxi operations without using tug equipment or the airplane main engines. This allows for reduction in fuel and emissions, elimination of tugs, increased brake life and reduction in block time and foreign object damage. The savings can be substantial, approximately $100-$330K annually per aircraft depending on the airline’s particular operation.

Key Features

  • Modular design for simplified installations
  • Scalable technology for family of systems
  • Growth for upgrades – electric nose wheel steering
  • Electric braking at slow speeds
  • All weather operations

Key Benefits

  • Fuel savings & reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved airplane turn-around time
  • Reduced tug capital & budget
  • Increased carbon brake life
  • Reduced noise footprint
  • Reduced maintenance from foreign object debris (FOD)
  • Reduced engine maintenance

ARBORTECH Corporation

Phoenix Aerospace is validating the worldwide commercial aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) market. Company profile: Arbortech Corporation specializes in the design & manufacture of equipment that recycles water-based cleaning solutions.  Arbortech designs, manufactures and … Read more

Teledyne Controls

Demo Systems LLC (later acquired by Teledyne Controls) engaged Phoenix Aerospace in a strategic growth initiative that included the introduction of an innovative but complex product/service mix.  The LoadStar® Server Enterprise (LSE) application manages the configuration, storage and electronic distribution of Software Parts.  LSE built on the success of Teledyne’s LoadStar® software in use at over 40 airlines worldwide.

Company profile:
Teledyne Controls, a business unit of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: TDY) is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions designed to help operators increase flight safety and operational efficiency through more efficient aircraft data and information management. With over 40 years of working closely with civil and military operators worldwide, we have developed a range of products that fit together to provide total solutions and deliver greater benefits to our customers.

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Featured Projects From Teledyne Controls:
LoadStar® Server Enterprise (LSE) application

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies


Air Liquide Advanced TechnologiesMarketing and Sales execution in the Americas.

Company Profile:
Air Liquide Advanced Technologies specializes in gas engineering and cryogenics and operates in business sectors as varied and specialized as aeronautics, space, marine, scientific research, hydrogen energy, but also chemicals and pharmaceuticals, electronics and optoelectronics.

The Aeronautics group supplies commercial and military aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and the components manufacturers interested in on-board gas generation and storage systems and associated ground support equipment.
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Thales Aerospace

Phoenix Aerospace performed an end-to-end (data-in/data-out) aircraft information management system from a services perspective.  Included full characterization of this highly fragmented market niche and its strategic direction.

The objective was whether to enter and invest in this fragmented but potentially lucrative service sector utilizing Thales’ broad core strengths in Air Traffic Management, Avionics and In-Flight Entertainment hardware and software..  Targeted areas were Flight Data Management (FDM) and Analysis, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), FMS data bases and wireless (WiMax) delivery.

Company Profile:
Thales is a world-leading provider of onboard and ground systems for the civil aerospace market. The company’s Aerospace activities employ 13,000 people, who are helping to define tomorrow’s air transport solutions: cleaner, quieter and more efficient aircraft designed to fly safely in ever-more crowded skies.

Thales provides systems and functions for all types of aircraft – commercial airliners, regional, business aircraft, and helicopters – and is a first-tier partner of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Gulfstream and Sukhoi, on all of their major programmes.

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Triumph Group

Performed strategic analysis and provided a set of strategic recommendations on future growth of their existing avionics repair business.

Triumph Group LogoCompany Profile:
Triumph Instruments is an Instrument Class I, II, III, and IV, and Avionics Class I, II, and III FAA/EASA approved repair station that specializes in the repair, overhaul and exchange services for a broad range of electronic, electromechanical, gyroscopic, pneumatic aircraft instruments, and avionics products.  Products included in these services are TCAS antennas, cockpit voice and flight data recorders, autopilot system components and accessory items such as static inverters and position transmitters.

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